Alim l'Trufah

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  Alim l'Trufah
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Alim l'Trufah

Rabbi Nathan's Letters/Alim l'Trufah

These are some of the thousands of letters written by Rabbi Nathan to his sons and followers. They are filled with words of fear of God, great inspiration, wondrous encouragement, and holy advice how to serve God, all drawn from Rebbe Nachman's teachings. Rabbi Nathan himself instructed his sons and followers to keep and safeguard these letters so that later generations would know what had transpired over those who had the privilege to receive the sublime light of such Torah teachings that can revive and restore all souls for all times.
Breslev book | Alim l'Trufah

Shivchey HaRan and Yemey Moharanat

Shivchey HaRan and Yemey Moharanat
Book Title: Shivchey HaRan and Yemey Moharanat ; Author: Rabbi Nathan of Breslov ; Category: Breslov Books in Hebrew ; Publisher: Keren Rabbi Yisroel Dov Odesser ; Size: Medium, Classic cover
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