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Keren Rabbi Israel Dov Odesser Zatzal's book publications include translations in different languages.

We take pride in keeping the writings of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov and his followers as authentic as possible and preserve the original text in all books.

The Blessings, Segulot, and promises which were given by the Rebbe and his
followers and have been handed down from generation to generation are all accurately comunicated in these texts.
They have not been changed, altered, or tampered with, and no outside commentary has been added to confuse the reader.

All of the publications are sold for cost price

for the reason of mass distribution worlwide and spreading the teachings of the Tzaddik for generations to come.

We are always busy working on numerous projects, so keep your eye out for a new or updated version of your favorite book.

We used the finest paper, fonts, and pagination methods to create a reader friendly book which is sure to make your reading experience pleasurable for hours.  
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