Eytzot HaMevoarot

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  Eytzot HaMevoarot
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Eytzot HaMevoarot

Likutey Eytzot Explained

This book was composed by R' Shimson Barski, grandson of Rebbe Nachman. His passionate intention was to translate the Rebbe's advice into practical application, so he translated the Likutey Eytzot into Yiddish. Meanwhile, though, he adds amazing explanations and insights to understand the depth of the Rebbe's words in practical terms. Eventually, the gem of this work was recognized and it was translated back into Hebrew. Unfortunately, the book was never published in its entirety, and only a few parts survived; the rest has gone lost.
Likutey Eytzot Explained | Breslov Books

Eytzot VeTefilot

Eytzot VeTefilot
Book Title: Eytzot VeTefilot ; Author: Rabbi Nathan of Breslov ; Category: Breslov Books | Breslov Books in Hebrew ; Publisher: Keren Rabbi Yisroel Dov Odesser ; Size: Medium, Classic cover
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