Likutei Moharan Pocket size

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  Likutei Moharan Pocket size
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Likutei Moharan Pocket size

Likutey Moharan Pocket size

This main text of Breslov Chasidut contains about 400 lessons filled with wisdom and holy knowledge that were revealed by Rebbe Nachman at various times and occasions. The book is divided into two parts – those lessons given earlier in his life and those given closer to his departing. All of the lessons, though, were given after Rebbe Nachman's journey to Israel; he did not want to include in the book any of his earlier perceptions that were not at the level of "the Land of Israel." The lessons are filled with deep and broad wisdom with practical advice and guidance for the proper path of life, together with impassioned encouragement to persevere in serving God. Rebbe Nachman said that his lessons are so deep that with each of them one can reach a different understanding of the entire Tanakh, Talmud, Midrash, Zohar and the Ari's kabbalistic works.

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