Shivchey HaRan and Yemey Moharanat

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  Shivchey HaRan and Yemey Moharanat
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Shivchey HaRan and Yemey Moharanat
Rebbe Nachman's Praises/Shivchey Haran
This book tells a bit of Rebbe Nachman's holiness, saintliness, dis-attachment from mundanity, and his holy practices in serving God. The introduction states, "The awesome wonders that were seen in Rebbe Nachman's presence were not recorded here, since we are only interested in telling of his praises what is relevant to the service of God." The second part of the book tells of the Rebbe's wondrous journey to and from the Land of Israel with great self-sacrifice, and of what happened to him there.

Rabbi Nathan's Diary/Yemey Moharnat
The first part of this book is a short autobiography of Rabbi Nathan beginning from his birth, though the vast majority of the book revolves around his initial acquaintance with and becoming a follower of Rebbe Nachman, concluding with his efforts for the rest of his life to raise awareness and opinion of Rebbe Nachman, and to publicize his holy teachings. The second part of the book describes in detail of Rabbi Nathan's journey to and return from the Land of Israel. Rabbi Nathan wrote it himself, out of his great appreciation in having had the privilege to have been so close to Rebbe Nachman.
Shivchey HaRan and Yemey Moharanat
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