kochvei Or

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  kochvei Or
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kochvei Or

kochvei Or

Based upon the principles of Rebbe Nachman, this book was authored by R' Avraham b'r Nachman and divided into four parts: the first part is called, "The Rebbe's Followers", and tells of the greatness of the Rebbe and his followers; the second part is called, "Truth and Faith," arousing and strengthening the authentic faith while disreputing heretic literature; the third part is called, "Wisdom and Understanding," revealing hidden secrets regarding the holiness of Rebbe Nachman, and the fourth part is called,
"Gladness and Joy," containing awesome prayers with extensive commentaries regarding the greatness and power of joy.
kochvei Or | Breslov Books

Shivchei Haran & Shichot Haran

Shivchei Haran & Shichot Haran
Book Title: Shivchei Haran & Shichot Haran ; Author: Rabbi Nathan of Breslov ; Category: Breslov Books ; Publisher: Keren Rabbi Yisroel Dov Odesser ; Size: Medium, Leather like cover
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